Star Wars for years to come

This week really ended with a bang, Disney's Investor Day gave the Star Wars community a reason to rejoice. For some, it may feel like an overload, for others, myself included I could not be more excited for what’s to come. So let’s talk about what we have to look forward to. The Mandalorian season... Continue Reading →

The Mandalorian Chapter 13

My face at exactly 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the episode. Normally I wait until Friday evening to watch the new episode considering I work at 5:30 am every day but I knew I needed to see this episode the moment it dropped and boy was I right! I can officially say this episode... Continue Reading →

The Mandalorian Chapter 11

Friday blessed us with the third episode of the season and I think it might be my favorite so far. Big thanks to Bryce Dallas Howard, my only complaint, it was too short. To be fair I wish they were all longer. So what did I love? What did I hate? What are some of... Continue Reading →

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