Fun fact Friday, five facts about Star Wars you may not know.

Happy Friday! Can you believe we are halfway through this year already? I don’t know about you but time seems to be flying yet going incredibly slow at the same time. Don’t ask me how that works it just does. Anywho let’s get to the fun facts!

Rey’s lightsaber from the end of The Rise of Skywalker glows green and then blue before igniting yellow.

Pretty neat right? I recently came across this fact and immediately pulled up the movie to see if it was true and it is! I’m not really sure why they added in this effect but I like it!

Cal’s Homestead poncho looks awfully familiar.

If you’ve played Jedi Fallen Order or maybe just came across this picture of Cal you may have said to yourself “that poncho looks familiar” well that’s because it is. The poncho was inspired by Owen and Beru’s ceiling. Honestly, all of the little details Star Wars adds in make my heart happy.

George Lucas was IN Star Wars.

While the cameo was quick, both Georga and his daughter made a quick appearance in Revenge of the Sith. George played Baron Papanoida, a blue-skinned Pantoran man. His scene in the movie comes when Anakin goes to meet with Palpatine at the opera house. If you would like to jump ahead and see for yourself, Lucas can be first seen in the bottom left corner of the frame 42:57 into the movie. His screentime lasts for a total of seven seconds.

Yoda has no determined species.

After all these years we still don’t know what Yoda is. George Lucas chose to keep the name and background of Yoda’s species a mystery. Both Yoda and Yaddle’s Databank entries on list their species as “Unknown.” In my best Yoda voice “a mystery this will remain, hmm”.

You can use Star Wars collectible coins as real money.

Yep, you totally read that right, if you ever find yourself in the tiny South Pacific island of Niue, they accept limited edition Star Wars collectible coins as legal tender.

Well, that’s all of the fun facts I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed them! If you’re a regular here I apologize I haven’t been posting weekly, balance the blog and the YouTube channel is a learning process for sure. If you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to my channel as well so you don’t miss out on all of the fun stuff we have planned cough cough giveaways, and all-around just fun content. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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