Ahsoka Tano Day

As if we needed another reason to celebrate our favorite Togruta, did you know today is Ahsoka Tano day? Thirteen years ago today it was announced that Anakin was getting his very own Padawan, little did we know she would become one of the most beloved characters this galaxy has ever seen.

Concept art released by Dave Filoni

Ashley Eckstein was the voice for Ahsoka throughout The Clone Wars and then again in Rebels. She poured her heart into Ahsoka and you could really feel that. Ahsoka became a symbol of hope and strength for so many fans. She became extremely popular, especially among young girls. They finally had a character they could see themselves in.

In March 2013 fans thought they had seen the last of Ahsoka when the cancellation of The Clone Wars series was announced. Thankfully two years later fans saw her again, in Star Wars: Rebels. She was older, ten years older to be exact, and wiser. She was different in a way, more mature, but still strong, brave, and caring as she’d always been.

In the season two finale, Twilight of the Apprentice, Ahsoka finally meets Vader face to face. “I am no Jedi” she says to him as they faced each other. This is the moment she learns the painful truth, her master Anakin is truly gone. They fight, giving Ezra and Kanan just enough time to escape before the temple crumbles. Again we thought we lost our beloved character. Thankfully in the episode A World Between Worlds, Ezra is able to save Ahsoka from Vader moments before he kills her.

During a tenth anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, Dave Filoni announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be returning to the small screen, set to debut on Disney+ on February 21, 2020. Happiness spread far and wide. Season 7 was both amazing and heartbreaking but we had our Ahsoka back.

Season two of The Mandalorian gave us Ahsoka in a whole new way, live-action. The episode was one of my personal favorites but definitely left myself and many others wanting more. Not long after our wish was granted when it was announced she would be getting her own live-action series. Insert happy sequels here.

There is no doubt that Ahsoka made such a huge impact on so many and is special to fans for a variety of reasons. To me, she is a symbol of courage and selflessness. I will be forever grateful to the almighty Filoni for giving us such an amazing and inspirational character who not only has a wonderful story of her own but also made the rise and fall of Anakin (my favorite character) all the more devastating.

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  1. Really great piece 🙂 The journey Ahsoka has been through during her time in Star Wars is really truly remarkable. I can’t imagine many people would have thought the character would be getting her very own live-action show after seeing her first appearance in the Clone Wars Movie. It’s one of the rare occasions in Star Wars where we actually get to grow up with one of the characters and see them grow.

    Lewis @ Jedi Write

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