Fun fact Friday, five facts about Star Wars you may not know.

It’s that time again, I feel like I was just writing lasts weeks fun fact post but here we are another week down. Check out this weeks fun facts starting with one of my favorites.

Master Skywalker, there are too many of them! What we are going to do?

I’m sure we all remember the youngling scene from Revenge of the Sith, it’s probably Anakin’s darkest moment in the entire movie. But did you know the youngling who spoke to Anakin when he walked in was genuinely scared? In a recent Reddit Q & A session, Ross Beadman talked about his role in the movie and what went down during that scene. Apparently, when Hayden came in he yelled boo which caused Ross to step back. He says that Christensen’s exclamation “startled me to add to my fear in the scene.” The scared look he had on his face was genuine and I think it really added to the scene. Pretty clever idea on Hayden’s part.

Keira Knightley was in The Phantom Menace.

Before she was running around with pirates, Keira was playing a Queen’s decoy in The Phantom Menace. Sabé is the most important of Queen Amidala’s royal retinue of handmaidens. During crisis situations, Sabé and Amidala switch roles. Sabé becomes a decoy, disguised as the Queen, while Amidala adopts a simple gown of a handmaiden, and goes by her less formal name of Padmé Naberrie. When in this role, Sabé and Padmé secretly communicate with subtle signals as to not divulge their true identities. During the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, Sabé posed as the Queen on several occasions.

Mark Hamill has had a role in every Star Wars film except the prequels.

June of last year Mark Hamill revealed in a Tweet that he has been in every Stars Wars film except the prequels, he even did voice work in The Clone Wars. Crazy right? Hamill usually uses the pseudonym Patrick Williams or some variation. You can read more about his appearances in the films and tv shows here.

Miss Piggy made an appearance in Episode V.

Okay well she didn’t actually make it into the movie but when Mark Hamill first met Frank Oz on set, he asked him to do a brief Miss Piggy cameo during rehearsals as a joke. If you’re not aware Frank is a Muppets puppeteer. When Frank finally decided to do it at a much later time, it even caught Mark off guard. During one scene, Yoda tells Luke to follow his feelings, Luke protests that he has followed his feelings when suddenly Frank whipped out a Miss Piggy puppet saying “Feelings? You want feelings? I’ll show you feelings punk. What is this place? I’ve been booked into dumps before, but never like this. Get me my agent on the phone!” I for one would have loved to see the look on Mark and everyone else faces when this happened.

Yoda’s first name was Buffy.

In early drafts of the screenplay, Yoda’s name was actually Buffy. The name ended up changing completely in later drafts to the full name Minch Yoda and then was eventually shortened to just Yoda.

That’s it for this weeks fun facts, as always I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do. If you had a favorite or if one completely blew you away leave me a comment and let me know. If you know any crazy facts about Star Wars and want me to include them in my next post send me a message. Have a wonderful weekend!

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