The Mandalorian season finale predictions.

Can you guys believe tomorrow is already the season finale? I remember when they finally announced the date for the premiere, I was so happy, it had been what felt like an eternity since the end of season 1. Now here we are at the end of season 2 and wait another eternity we will (said in my best Yoda voice). So what’s going to happen tomorrow? Here are my predictions.

The call will be answered.

Grogu spent enough time trying to call out to a Jedi that I think one will definitely be showing whether or not that’s at the beginning or the end of the episode I’m not so sure. I would love to see who it is in the beginning because that means there’s a better chance the Jedi will help Din rescue Grogu, however, it would be quite the cliffhanger for the Jedi to show up at the end hooded, igniting their lightsaber, and then having the episode ends before we see their face.

The Jedi.

Whether we see them this episode or the beginning of next season I think there are three possibilities as far as who the Jedi that shows up will be. There has been a lot of talk lately about the possibility of the Jedi being Mace Windu. We all know no one ever really stays dead in Star Wars so I think this definitely a possibility. I feel it’s even more likely after the Disney Investor’s Day presentation. If you look at the picture below, Mace is in it. Not Clone Wars Mace, Prequel Trilogy Mace. Then again there are pictures from each trilogy so it’s possible this doesn’t mean anything. If I’m being honest, I’m hoping it’s not Mace Windu, I feel like he was a major part of Anakin turning to the dark side so I’m not his biggest fan.

Picture from Disney Investor’s Day

Another possibility I think would be Ezra Bridger. Given the time period The Mandalorian takes place and the fact that Ahsoka showed up and is looking for Thrawn and no one knows where Ezra is, makes him showing up kind of perfect. I think out of everyone this is who I’m hoping for the most. Lastly, I think we may see Ahsoka again. Maybe no one else heard his call and she sensed he was in danger. This may be the perfect setup for the beginning of her series.

Bo-Katan will show up.

Bo-Katan is currently looking for her darksaber and Moff Gideon has it. I don’t think they would make a point to say Bo is after the darksaber if we weren’t going to see her fight to get it back.

Din and Moff Gideon will fight.

We learned in Chapter 13 that A lightsaber or darksaber can’t cut through beskar. this definitely wasn’t information given without a purpose and the fact that Ahsoka gave Din the beskar spear back pretty much makes a fight between the two inevitable.

The Dark Troopers will be unleashed.

We caught a glimpse of the sinister droid in the last episode. I think we are going to see how terrifying they really are in the finale.

Boba will die honorably and Din will get Slave 1.

Okay so I REALLY want to be wrong about this one but I have a bad feeling about this. I think Boba will be a big part of Grogu’s rescue but will die in the process. There’s a part of me that will be angry that they brought him back just to kill him but at the same time, I’m glad we got to see him in all of his badassery not to mention dying keeping his word to help save Grogu is a lot better legacy than accidentally getting knocked into a Sarlacc Pit.

The baddest of them all.

We know Ahsoka is currently on the hunt for Thrawn, in fact, I think that will be what her series is centered on. We learned that her series along with Rangers of the New Republic of both take place during the same time as The Mandalorian. What’s more, is the will all crossover for a major climatic event which my guess is going to be Thrawn. With that said I think we may catch a glimpse of him or at least it will be known by the end of the episode that he is the one they really need to fear.

Well, those are my thoughts on what to come tomorrow night. What do you think will happen? Will we see the Jedi? Will Din save Grogu? Will a beloved character die? Let me know in the comments below or head over to my Facebook or Twitter and let me know.

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