The Mandalorian Chapter 15

Can you believe we are at the second to the last episode of the season already?! I know I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye to this season. Chapter 15 was great for so many reasons so let’s talk about it.

Mayfeld is back.

While I wasn’t a fan of Migs in Chapter 6, I really enjoyed him this time around. The scene where he’s sees Boba and was worried because he thought he was “another guy” cracked me up. By the end of the episode, he didn’t seem like such a bad guy. Part of me hopes he somehow shows up next week to help rescue Grogu.

Din removes his helmet.

Probably my favorite moment of this episode was Din removing his helmet. I know he did this last season however, that was only in front of a droid because he was dying. This time around, removing his helmet was for Grogu. If there was ever a doubt to how much this man loves him to should be gone after watching this episode. What you’re looking at here is a very desperate, dangerous man looking for his son. He went against everything he knew and believed in. Also, shout out to Pedro for playing this part so perfectly. You could feel how uncomfortable and awkward Din felt removing his helmet and letting other people see his face.

This whole moment right here.

This moment warmed my heart, Migs knew what it took for Din to remove his helmet and he respected it. He didn’t make fun, he didn’t make a big deal out of it, instead, he acknowledged the sacrifice and in a way made Din feel may about it. The look on his face when Migs told him he never saw his face was priceless and I’m sure meant so much to him.

Boba’s armor.

Bob’s fett is looking good in his newly cleaned/painted armor. It may be a small touch in the episode but I surely enjoyed it.

Fennec and Cara.

I loved seeing these ladies kick some butt and help protect Din and Migs while they were escaping.

Brown eyes.

Migs stepping in to save the day was another reason to love his character. We learned so much about him this episode and this was just another moment to show that he’s not as bad of a guy as we once thought. The whole brown eyes comment was pure gold and had me giggling, I also loved the moment after he shot Avalon Hess where the stormtrooper stood there holding his tray with what I can only imagine was the most confused look on his face.

Message to Moff Gideon.

You have noticed the message Mando sent to Moff Gideon may have sounded familiar, well that’s because it was. His message was almost word for word what Moff Gideon said back in Chapter 8 when he was trying to get Grogu back. There are some small differences though, for example where Moff Gideon says “it” Mando says “he”. Below I’ve attached a side by side video of their speeches if you want to check it out.

Between going against everything he’s known by removing his helmet and sending Moff Gideon a message this episode has shown us we are dealing with a very desperate and dangerous man who will stop at nothing to get back his son. I’m anxious to see how this season will end, most likely it will be a cliff hanger. I’m hoping the two of them will be reunited next week but I won’t be surprised if we have to wait until next year to see it. What did you like about the episode? How did you feel when he removed his helmet? Let me know in the comments.

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