The Mandalorian Chapter 14.

What did you guys think of Chapter 14? Robert Rodriguez made his Mandalorian directorial debut and I would say he nailed it. It was a great combination of action and emotion making it my second favorite episode of the series. (Ahsoka holds my heart so her episode will probably always be number one for me) So let’s talk about some of the most memorable parts of “The Tragedy”.

The opening scene.

This whole scene had me all in the feels. Din saying Grogu’s name and chuckling each time he looked at him, talking about “the nice lady”, and him telling Grogu he’s going to have to go with Jedi if they ask him to even though I’m pretty sure Din was really trying to convince himself that Grogu is going to have to leave him. I’m also pretty sure there were tears under that helmet because I know I would be a mess.

Grogu reaching out through The Force.

If you’re like me you were wondering the entire time which Jedi sensed this moment. He sat there for quite a while someone had to feel it right? My prediction is they will show up looking for him and help Din get him back. As far as who the Jedi will be? I’m kind of hoping for Ezra or Cal Kestis. It’s possible it could also be Luke as this would be before he exiled himself.

Boba and Fennec.

Firstly, I want to take two seconds to brag that my prediction from last month was right! Seeing Boba and Fennec show up together was awesome. They’re both badasses and all three of them working together was perfect. The stormtroopers retreating was also pretty great.

Boba has his armor back!

Seeing Boba finally don his armor again was an epic moment. Even greater was finally being able to watch him kick some butt and be the badass we all knew he was. The Original Trilogy kind of did him dirty talking him up to be a bounty hunter to be feared just to have him so easily taken out so this scene was a well-deserved fan service.

Jango Fett was a foundling.

The argument on whether Jango and Boba were truly Mandalorians can finally be put to rest. Like Din, Jango was a founding, he didn’t steal the armor as some fans suspected, he was raised by Mandalorians. Finally, one less thing our community can argue about am I right?

They got the kid.

Chapter 13 ended with us getting a glimpse of Moff Gideon’s dark troopers and last night we got to see them in action. They definitely have a sinister look to them and while I knew he wouldn’t make it time there was a part of me that hoped Din would get back to Grogu before they did. It was gut-wrenching seeing Grogu’s little face looking back down at Din as they were flying away.

Avengers assemble?

Okay, not exactly, but it seems Din is putting together a team to help him get Grogu back. He goes back to Navarro asking Cara Dune to help him locate a prisoner (Mayfield) in the system stating he needs to break him out. She’s apprehensive up until the moment he tells her Grogu has been taken. I can only imagine Greef will be joining them on this rescue mission and considering Bo-Katan is still trying to get her dark saber back I don’t doubt we will see her again too.

Rip to the Razor Crest.

The Razor Crest made it through some impossible missions only to meet it’s demise on Tython thanks to Moff Gideon. The moment when Din finds the gear shift knob in the dirt got me again right in the feels. Thankfully Slave 1 survived the fight and they weren’t left completely stranded but Din is going to need to acquire a ship of his own at some point.

That ending.

Then last we see of Grogu is him going ham on some stormtroopers smashing them together and force choking them. Obviously, the force choking brings up concerns about the dark side but in The book Secrets of the Jedi, it is said that ”Some Force users, particularly Force-sensitive children — known by the Jedi as Younglings — are able to tap into its energy without an obvious alignment to either side. The Force simply flows through them in its purest form.” so while it’s not completely off the table as a possibility, it’s also likely Grogu was doing what he felt he needed to protect himself. Unfortunately, he still tires easily from using the force, and by the time Moff Gideon shows up he’s got no fight left in him.

They sure squeezed a lot of awesomeness into thirty-two minutes and while I wish the episodes were longer I still really enjoyed it. I for one am not ready for this season to be over and I can’t believe we’re already down to the last two episodes. What do you think is in store for friends? Who do you think Din will recruit for his rescue mission? Let me know in the comments.

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