Fun fact Friday, Pedro Pascal Edition.

It’s the last Friday of the month which means it’s Fun Fact Friday Actor Edition. Since we’re all enjoying The Mandalorian so much I figured it’s only right to kick off this blog series with Pedro Pascal. Could we have asked for a better Mando?

Pedro and his sister Javiera

The basics.

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born on April 2nd, 1975 in Santiago Chile. He has three siblings, two sisters Javiera Balmaceda Pascal, and Lux Balmaceda, and a brother Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal.

Before he was an actor he was a competitive swimmer.

When Pedro was younger he was into competitive swimming he even took part in the state championships in Texas at the age of 11. He quit swimming when he got into drama class.

His parents were given political asylum.

Pedro and his dad José.

Not long after Pedro was born his parents sought asylum in the US. The two had been involved in the opposition movement to General Augusto Pinochet’s regime as supporters of President Salvador Allende.

He started reading plays as a kid due to boredom.

In a 2014 Interview with Sarah Paulson Pedro said ”When I was in middle school, we had moved from Texas to Orange County. I didn’t fit in and it was pretty lonely. The way that I was occupying my time, I started reading games and renting the classics. I was 13 or 14—before I could get a driver’s license and drive to somebody’s house or to a party. My parents had to have been worried because that was all I did. That’s how I ended up seeing Mike Nichols’s movies—Who‘s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and The Graduate.”

His sister Lux is also an actor.

She earned a BFA in acting in the theater conservatory of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, and then went on to have a career as an actor, dancer, and performer. She also enrolled in the Juilliard School’s MFA Acting program in 2019. Her most recent roles include Benjamin in La Jauría and Danny El Rucio in El Principe.

Not only is Pedro a pretty amazing actor he’s also just an all-around pretty awesome human. He’s funny and seems to really care for just about everyone. If you’re not already I highly suggest following him on Instagram and Twitter. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning a bit more about one of our favorite Mandalorians. Check back next month to find out who the next actor edition of Fun Fact Friday will be.

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