Fun fact Friday, five facts about Star Wars you may not know.

It’s finally Friday so you know what that means, check out the facts for this week’s Fun Fact Friday below. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new.

The Return of the Jedi almost had a very different ending.

I think we can all agree that the ending of ROTJ had a pretty happy ending. The Empire was defeated, The Emperor was gone, Darth Vader redeemed himself, and the Ewoks can throw a hell of a party. Apparently, this isn’t what Lucas originally had in mind. Jump back to the scene removing Vader’s mask, instead of the heart to heart between father and son, Luke was going to put on the mask and become Darth Vader. Say whaat? Yep. Lucas pitched that Luke’s last lines would be “Now I am Vader. Now I will go and kill the [Rebel] fleet and I will rule the universe.” His co-writer Lawrence Kasdan was all for it, however, in the end, Lucas decided this was a movie for kids and went for the happy ending.

Jabba the Hutt had a scene in A New Hope.

In the original scene, Jabba was played by a human in a furry suit but George Lucas never meant for him to be human. His explanation was this:

“When I first shot the scene with Jabba the Hutt, I knew I was going to create some kind of stop-motion creature…I had to have somebody–an actor–play the part so Harrison had someone to play against, so we just picked a big guy and put him in a fuzzy vest. I, at that point, felt that he may be a character somewhat like Chewbacca, a big furry character. We shot that. As we were cutting the movie, [we] realized relatively quickly that we didn’t have the time or the money to actually shoot that scene [the stop-motion optical]. That ILM was pressed way beyond what it could pull off as it was. So I had to abandon that sequence pretty early on. I had to cut back on special effects shots and that sort of thing because ILM just couldn’t handle it.”

20 years later for the special edition release, they added the scene back into the film with a CGI Jabba and new dialogue in Huttese. The original scene didn’t account for Jabba’s tail so when they added it back in Han steps on it as he walks around him.

Anakin Skywalker and The Child are the same age.

Yep, you read that right, Anakin and The Child were both born in 41 BBY. Kind of crazy to think about Anakin growing up to be Darth Vader while The Child is still making cute cooing sounds cruising around in a pram.

Photo of Peter Mayhew’s script.

Luke Starkiller.

When you hear Starkiller you probably think of the First Order’s Starkiller base on the planet Ilum but did you know Luke’s last name was Starkiller up until 1976? Ultimately George Lucas felt the name sounded too violent so he changed it but not before they had already done some filming. Originally in the scene from A New Hope in Leia’s cell on the Death Star Hamill says the line, “I’m Luke Starkiller, I’m here to rescue you!” They had reshoot the scene once Lucas decided to change the name.

“I have a bad feeling about this” became a running gag for the franchise.

“I have a bad feeling about this” is a well-known phrase from Star Wars and is said almost as much as “May the Force be with you” It is first said in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and then at least once in every film after that. Yes even in The Last Jedi. During the evacuation of D’Qar BB-8 says “I have a bad feeling about this” in binary to which Poe Dameron replies with “Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!” This is also why Leia tells Poe, “Just for the record, Commander Dameron, I’m with the droid on this one.” You will also find the phrase in the shows, comics, and books.

Well, that’s it for this week’s fun facts. Hopefully, you enjoyed these as much as I did. Check back next Friday for more fun.

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