The Mandalorian Chapter 10

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to watch the new episode, if you haven’t stop here and come back after you have. It’s not surprising that this episode was another good one. It was also a little gross and had a touch of horror. Let’s go over some of the highlights from the episode.

Did he really think this was going to go over well?

The episode starts with Din and the child racing through Tatooine on a speeder when things quite literally come to a halt as three guys cause them to crash in an attempt to take the Child. Of course, this doesn’t go well and as a last resort one of them thinks threatening the child is going to go well. ”Wait! Don’t hurt the Child. If you put one mark on him, there’s no place you will be able to hide from me.” this is my favorite line from the episode, the love Din has for the Child makes my heart happy. Jump back to the scene, this guy thinks the Mandalorian is actually going to let him leave with his jetpack, he quicky learns he was very wrong.

The Child and the eggs.

I’m sure we all remember the frog scene from the first season, who knew things were going to get much grosser. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from chapter 10 it’s that no egg is safe with The Child around. The frog eggs were bad enough but the spider egg scene had me like

I must say I was impressed with how sneaky he was though. I’m still not quite sure how he got that last egg. So I’ve come back to edit this part, I’ve been thinking about this episode and I’m starting to wonder if he actually ate the eggs or if he’s keeping them safe? He didn’t chew them and they seemed drawn to him. Maybe he will regurgitate them when they get to where they were going.

X-wings and the Dave Filoni cameo.

If Trapper Wolf looked familiar to you it’s because he was played by showrunner Dave Filoni. I always enjoy spotting a cameo from a famous actor or someone who is typically behind the scenes in a show. I also really enjoy seeing things from the movies make their way into the show. The X-wings were a nice little touch.

The Krykna.

In the words of Ron Weasley ”Why spiders?” I don’t know about him but spiders really creep me out. Throw in watching someone being chased by hundreds of them, one bigger than the Razor Crest and you’ve got yourself nightmare fuel. The Krykna were first invented by Star Wars artist Ralph McQuarrie in his concept work for The Empire Strikes Back. These giant spiders were supposed to show up on Dagoba, the planet where Luke meets Yoda.

Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie

You may also recognize these terrifying creatures from episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

Frog lady using Q9-0 to communicate.

I enjoyed seeing her resourcefulness when she really needed to communicate with Din. I imagine bypassing his system, is not something that was easily done.

Overall it was another really good episode full of action, horror, and the always enjoyable dash of humor. I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s episode holds for us. Leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the episode. Likes, dislikes, hopes the future of the story.

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