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Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars) Legacy Lightsabers


On September 1st, Ashley Eckstein had an exciting announcement for Ahsoka fans. In the fall Disney was going to release the Clone Wars edition of Ahsoka Tano’s lightsabers. Even more awesome was the fact that they would be the first-ever color-changing hilts. I was so excited I nearly dropped my phone.

For the next couple of months, I checked her Instagram daily to see if there was any news on a release date. Then, shopDisney started a new Star Wars Trading Post online. I was so excited for their first drop and then quickly disappointed when I realized the lightsabers weren’t there. Fast forward to October 30th, Ashley crashed a lightsaber discord meetup (so awesome) and the lightsabers became available that night. I’m fortunate enough to have met someone who does pickups for me and they were able to snag a pair. A few days later they are here!

These were my first experience with Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers and I’m impressed. They’re well made and heavy enough that they feel what I would expect real lightsabers to feel like but not so heavy I wouldn’t want to carry them around. The hilts are made out of high-grade aluminum, each with two buttons, one to turn the lightsaber on and the other to change the color.

The blades, which are sold separately, are made of plastic. There is a 26-inch blade a 36-inch blade. The colors show really well through them. You want to make sure when you put the blade in that you push down and then twist to lock in place. I didn’t realize this at first and couldn’t figure out why they were slowly sliding up!

The lightsabers come equipped with their own sound effects. It makes the ignition sound when you turn it on, once they are on, the sound it makes depends on the color. There are also sound effects when the blade hits something when you change the color, and when you turn it off. Changing the color is pretty simple, you hold the button down for five seconds, and voila blue becomes green and vice versa.

Currently, these hilts can only be found at the Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Walt Disney World. I imagine they will eventually be available at Disneyland but there has been no indication as to when that may be. The hilts (sold together) are $199 and they come in the box you see pictured first. The blades are $49.99 each. overall I would say these are definitely worth the money if you are a Star Wars fan. Whether you plan to use them as an accessory while dressed up or if you’re like me and plan to display them they’re a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Special thanks to Feedspot for featuring my blog on their list Top 45 Star Wars Websites & Blogs Every Star Wars Fan Must Follow in 2020.