The Mandalorian Chapter 9

So what did you think of the episode and tell me why you loved it? I mean you’d be crazy not to, right? I can honestly say there hasn’t been a single episode in this series that I didn’t like. Let’s go over a few of my favorite parts of Chapter 9: The Marshal.

The moment The Child realized Mando was about to use his Whistling Bird and closes his pram.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast, and the fact that he knew exactly what was about to happen was pretty great. I really loved the whole scene. Saying The Child goes wherever he goes, kicking everyone’s ass, and then hanging Gor Koresh upside down for information like it was a scene in Batman. Fun fact, Gor was voiced by John Leguizamo.

R5-D4 making an appearance.

Ever wonder what happened to the droid that almost went home with Luke in A New Hope? Maybe not, but you may have thought Peli Motto’s droid looked familiar, and if he did, it’s because he is. Her droid is the same droid the Jawa’s tried to sell Uncle Owen. He even has the scorch marks to prove it.

Timothy Olyphant

I’ve always thought Timothy was an amazing actor and his appearance in this episode was no exception. I really enjoyed watching Cobb and Mando work together and I’m hoping their wanting to cross paths again means that he will, in fact, appear in future episodes.

The Tusken Raiders being given a little humanity.

When they appeared in Attack of the Clones and A New Hope the Tusken Raiders seemed more monster than humane. When we see them in this episode we actually get to learn a little about them. Mando makes what I feel a very important comment about them. He says “Tuskens think they’re the locals. Everyone else is just trespassing.” We learn they are native to Tattooine and I think anyone can understand why they would be upset with people moving into their territory. We also see Mando actually have a conversation with them and they are able to come to a rational agreement. Two fun facts about this, Pedro confirmed he is the one speaking Tusken and Troy Kotsur, a Deaf actor was hired to play one of the Tusken Raiders and helped create Tusken Sign Language.

Everyone coming together to fight the Krayt Dragon.

Anytime people can set aside their difference for the greater good it makes for a pretty great story. I also loved the direct reference to Han Solo hitting Boba Fett’s jet pack in The Return of the Jedi. Having it happen minutes before we actually see Boba was a nice fan service.

Boba Fett’s return

After hearing months of Boba Fett’s being rumored to show up in the show actually seeing it come to fruition was so exciting. So many questions came from the last thirty seconds of the show. How is he alive? Why is he dressed like a Tusken Raider? Will he try and get his armor back? Friend or foe to Mando? The list goes on.

Overall this was a fantastic episode. It was worth the wait and has me pumped for the rest of the season. What were some of your favorites? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season? Leave a comment and let me know.

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