The Child Pin

Have you guys seen the adorable pin Hyperspace Pins just released? I received mine just the other day and I am in love. First let me talk about the packaging, glittery tissue paper, an awesome sticker, a thank you card, and for some lucky buyers even a little stowaway. Impressed I am. Now the pin, not only is it the cutest in the galaxy, but it’s also so well made. It’s hard enamel and double posted with rubber backings so you can make sure it won’t get lost if you decide to wear it. The details on it are amazing and I personally even love the backer card it came on.

My husband and I have been collecting pins for years now and I can honestly say this might be my new favorite. I’ll have to make sure to keep it out of reach or it might just become apart of my daughter’s collection. Have you ever seen a three old Star Wars fanatic? If you haven’t let me show you.

This is Alice, her love for Star Wars, especially The Mandalorian, started around two. She has seen the show more times than anyone I know. She gives The Child Pin a 10/10 for sure. While these are Limited Edition they still have some left so if I were you I would head on over to their site now and get one. While you’re there check out their sneak peek for what’s to come!

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